Thursday, May 9

9 things I'm grateful for today. Gratitude 🙏 Journal.

Here's what on my Gratitude Journal today!
1. Grateful for meditation time!
2. Thankful for connections I have made.
3. For two dreams I had last night which surprisingly, I remembered as I woke up, not usual!
4. I'm very grateful and thankful for a great delicious vegan lunch I had ( I just got hungry for more)
5. For angel   prayers. I just started doing this and I feel great! I feel them around me!
6. For feeling extremely happy today!
7. For the rain. I've been so happy over the spring and finally got some rain (I live in the desert) I stood outside under a tree, let my hair loose and enjoyed the wind and rain while listening to Christie Marie Sheldon's Love and Above class.
8. I'm so thankful and grateful that I finished the Love and Above course! It's amazing, I am now listening again! I did it in 2 days!
And of course with Christie's help, I did great visualizations today! I love this and I've always done it, except I used to call this daydreaming and thought of it as perhaps a waste of time!
And you?
What are you grateful for? 

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