Thursday, April 25

Love and life poetry. Why me? Why you? A romantic love poem by Eve Sanchez. The Videocast.

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Not my last poem as I've written
Maybe 4 more since this one,
I wrote this one yesterday at noon.

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Why I wrote this poem:
I went for a walk midday for lunch.🚶
I was listening to a walking guided meditation and loving every second of it.
It is spring and I'm loving all the flowers. 🌹🌻🌸🌷🌺💐🏵🌼
I can't help but share the flowers I've been finding everywhere, including the trees 🌳 in my front yard, which started flowering last week and now all three of them have gorgeous purple flowers.
The meditation was also telling me to look around me and be grateful for what I saw, that made the flowers, cacti, and trees even more special. 🌵
The meditation also asked me to be grateful for people and events in my life and I of course thought of and gave thanks for mi amor (that's my love in Spanish), the love of my life and the rest of my family.

I walked by the beautiful flowered wall you see in the video. I stopped to soak it in, I was very grateful to find myself in that gorgeous place, I took my headphones off and looked for a pen and paper in my pocket, I had nothing but my phone, headphones, and keys. Seriously, how could I leave pen and paper? I'm old schooled like that. 📝
Then I realized I could use my phone, technology comes second to pen and paper for me. I have a poetry app I've been using called Poetizer and I usually share poems I've written on there but yesterday I wrote the poem right on there and it was great. I memorized it ( I don't memorize my poems, they come and go like thoughts) and filmed it! It was a total success and I did all that and was done with the walk in about 45 minutes.

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Your friend Eve Sanchez,
With much love.
Thank you for your support.


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