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Short Stories of mystery, spirits, and magic "The Woman Who Knew" part 2 by Eve Snachez

As promised, here is a continuation of my first mystery, spirits, and magic
First Short Story. Read the first part of the story by clicking on the link below,
Also on that blog post read about my favorite book as a child and how it helped
inspire my obsession with well, you could say ghost stories.
And read about one of my all time favorite writers,
Edgar Allan Poe

           "The Woman Who  Knew"

 This is the second part of the story, to read the beginning, click on the link below:

Life was not bad until I turned 5 and was sent to school for the first time, I was not interested in school of course until I saw the library. My school had the biggest library I had ever seen! And being a very curious kid, I skipped all my first day hiding in the library, it was not easy hiding for all other kids but I was able to hide in plain sight, maybe it was my small body or my quiet nature and I had the ability, I thought, to blend in with books. Up until then I had only read children books with pictures and sight words, my mom had been impressed by my ability to learn how to read very fast
but my first day of school, as I hid in the library, I was impressed. 

I touched every book I could see, trying as if by magic to figure out what was inside, I would close my eyes and pictures would form in my head, there were numbers floating around. The numbers would arrange into shapes, all of my favorite shapes danced and sang beautiful melodies. My favorite shape was the heart but I had never accepted it for fear of love. The heart shapes sang the most beautiful and loudest tones. I almost fell in love. But I was afraid  of love, I was aware that bad
things happened to all who I loved and it was my intention to never love again. I ran away from the lovely books, scared and I decided to find all and any magic books. There were many, I felt inside with that knowledge of what's to come that I've always though I had. 

(…) More to come (…) 

 This is part of a 15 short story book I am writing. I will share as much as possible on this blog.
I plan to create Audiobooks and E-books so if you're interested in short stories 
About mystery, spirits, and magic stay tuned!

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From your good friend 
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Eve Sanchez

...there's more of this to come...

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