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Mystery, Spirits, and Magic Short Stories "The Woman Who Knew" part 1 by Eve Sanchez

So, I'm writing a book.

And I'm not talking about my poetry from the soul book
AKA "Love And Life Poetry" (Same name as my podcast)
Which comes at the pace my soul dictates, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes we rest...

I decided (and immediately took action of course) to write my favorite kind of book ever!
Short Stories about mystery, spirits, and magic.

My favorite book as a child was a collection of such stories by none other than Edgar Allan Poe,
As an adult I got for me and my children the entire collection of his stories and poems, I have them all now, of course I have not read them all, who has time to read all the books they have...
But like my dear mi amor (my love) I love to collect great books written by great men and women.

Edgar also wrote poetry of course (and the coolest people from history either wrote or loved poetry.
(I just learned that Tesla thought there was a special energy in great poems but that is a topic for another time)

 My favorite story from that book was The Gold Bug, and The Black Cat was one that struck me deeply. The poem The Crow is very good as well however of Edgar Allan Poe my fav will always be
The Gold Bug. Ok, I also loved the Crimes of The Rue Morgue (my second fav from him) and The Pendulum but the stories of what's considered ghostly, the stuff that we cannot understand, those stuck with me and have stayed with me forever. Berenice... a horror love/death story was totally striking! Have you read it? What did you think?

 And why do we love those stories? Why do I love ghost stories? I'm most interested in ghost stories, death, and magic? Is it because to the core I believe the stuff?
Or is it a wish to find the deeper depth of the shallow world we live in when and where we're taught
Quite forcibly what to learn, what to believe, and what to put into the world as if we can fit into little boxes and if we don't, we're nuts!
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 So like I said, I started to write already and have 15 stories I'm working on developing.

Here is the beginning of the first story, come back for more!

 "The Woman Who Knew"

 There I was like always, my head dropped, heavy with negative thoughts, thoughts that weigh a ton.
I work as an elementary school teacher, my job is not easy. The kids are not
smart and the parents I rather not ever be around. I don't like my job but then
I don't like my life either.

There she was, in a white dress with embroidered flowers, a bow on her back, her smile wide always.
I wondered why she always wore white and why, oh why did she always wear those flowy dresses?
Like she had escaped from a 50s movie. And why did she always look at me with those deep brown eyes that seemed to tell me, I know! And she would smile and try to talk to me every chance she had.
I could like her, really I could. However, I know I can't have friends. I have a secret she can't possibly know!

As a child I was an odd little girl! I had a big family and a lot of love. I had all I needed or
so it seemed. Somehow I always wanted more, I needed more, I was always searching for something else. I read all the books that are given to children with  disinterest. I had as my dear mother called it,
an adult brain. I didn't play with toys, I was not interested in games and playing with other children
bored me. My older siblings were scared of me, they said I brought them troubles and their friends didn't want to be around me. Children looked at me as if I had some sort of weird power inside, they ran from me.

I was plagued by nightmares, having multiple ones every night. I saw very negative pictures in my dreams, I saw very negative entities, the names of which I shall not call, for they were very clear that if I call them, even by mistake, they will come and even if I don't see them, I know they are there watching me, listening to me, arranging negative events in my life, influencing others around me who I love (for I have a deep love inside me, though I can't activate it for fear of what They could do) I still have nightmares but of a different sort now, I'm always at work and she is always there, but I rather not think about them now.

(…) To be continued (…)

That is what I have edited for now, please let me know in the comments if you notice any grammar or spelling errors, be my editor, would you kind reader?

 I shall post the second part of this story very soon, and then more, I shall reveal all the titles to the stories today. However, if you would like to own all stories as I like to collect stories, and history books, and nature books and learning books, wait for the entire book to be written so you can get it.

Thank you very much for reading and if you loved this, please let me know what you think in the comments.

Your good friend,
Eve Sanchez
Who sends all the love in the world
To you.

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