Saturday, April 20

The woman who knew. Part 3

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I found an entire shelf dedicated to magic books and pulled a chair. I got my black magic spells notebook on which I had been trying to develop magic spells using pictures but I had not had any luck. I found a clean page and got my crayons. I was ready to begin my life as a magic student and the school library, of course, was the best place to learn. All else in the world wasn't interesting to me.

I found too many children's magic books
Without any substance to them. Books about glitter fairies and magic friendship necklaces and teachers who are witches. Nothing interesting. Getting deeper and deeper into the magic bookshelf, I found a study table, it seemed to be hidden, it was very dusty and on it there was an old candle that looked as if it had been lit a long time ago.

There was nobody around the mysterious table but in the middle of it, there was a very old book. The book was so dusty I couldn't see what was on it. I blew the dust off and it got on my face and eyes.
To my surprise, the book was opened to page 963, my three magic numbers combined. The open page said:

Sarah, I have all the answers you seek.
Take me to a private place so I can train you.

My name was Sarah. I ran to the librarian and told her I wanted to borrow the huge magic book on the old dusty desk. It was literally called The Old Magic Book.

The librarian laughed and joked:
- If you found dust, we better call the cleaning lady!-

I asked again:
- May I take The Old Magic Book please? -

The librarian gave me a confused look but she looked up the name anyways, finding nothing.

- We have nothing with that name sweetheart - and she provided a list of their available magic books, the children's ones I didn't care about.

I ran back to where I had found the book but couldn't find the old, dusty desk. I hid behind some shelves and closed my eyes, trying to make sense of what had just happened. And when I opened them, there I was, at the old dusty desk, right in front of the old dusty magic book.

I was a child then and thought that was a coincidence, I missed the clues that screamed bad news. My life had been until then some sort of a funny dream and things like this happened to me all the time so I thought it was a good thing, exactly what I was looking for!

As I  touched the book, I felt something really powerful, not singing hearts, far from it. It was pulling me and I had to pull my hand away, my heart was pounding!

I tried to read a bit if the book, however, every page I went to, after page 963 was blank. This was different! I paged back and saw, in very small print the following.
To be continued by Sarah and some symbols I didn't understand, which later in life, I figured were some sort of hieroglyphs. This was impressive for I only knew how to read sight words at the time.

But I couldn't borrow this mystical book... What to do? I then heard a voice and it was the most wonderful voice I've ever heard, it was my mother's voice. A voice as healthy as her voice had been all those years ago before her falling Ill. A soothing and gentle voice prettier than anything. It said, so clearly that I never doubted it:
- Sarah, take this book! It is a present for you from me. This book doesn't belong to the library.

And in a second, I had very carefully placed the book inside my backpack and as I was leaving this secret place, smiling, I felt a strange sensation, as I looked back, the desk had disappeared and everything around it, it was as if it had never been there. I looked inside my backpack but the book was really there. I was very curious as I immediately felt this book was from my mother. I couldn't have been more wrong.

(...) To be continued (...)

By Eve Sanchez.
With much love

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