Wednesday, May 22

I go forever. A poem by Eve Sanchez

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I go forever 🤔🤔🤔

I go forever.
From that beginning
I don't remember,
To never ending.
I go forever. 
I go forever,
I have no bounds.
I will not accept them
Like chains on hands.
I go forever.

I go forever,
And they might try
But trying is useless
When I'm infinity
Inside a form. 
I go forever
And in my joy,
You might come visit
I will rejoice.
Let's go forever

Life is a ride.
It is a game
Of winning and
Eternal us.
There is one question:
Are you ready?
To accept 
You must first learn,
Are you ready
To embrace
That inner you?

Are you ready
To go forever ?
You go forever.
Just accept it!
Look within
Who is in? 
Below the ego
Below the fears
Below the shame
That is like a killer
Of personality
And authenticity.

Who is in there?
What is it saying?
What is the message
That goes forever?
You dare to share it
With much love
By Eve Sanchez.
This is what a delicious sunlight, garden morning meditation does to my soul 🎆
Make love with the 🌞

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