Wednesday, May 8

Turn me on. A sex poem by Eve Sanchez

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I changed the poem slightly!
I do this to my poems often...
I changed the last line a bit.
Same poem, I changed it for the rythm.

I dedicate this poem to my handsome mi amor (my love in Spanish)
And to all the women out there who are dying to talk to their significant others like this!

I dare you to...
1. Text it
2. Write it on a birthday or Valentine's day card
3. Recite it to him tonight!
Let me know how it went!

"Turn Me On"

Don't turn me on,
Don't kiss me more. 😘💋😘
Talk not about Love,
Don't turn me on.

Don't turn me on,
Don't close the door.
Don't turn me on
Or I will want more!


With much love ❤️
Eve Sanchez,

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