Essential Oils


Are essential oils for me? 

If you have cells, skin, hair, teeth, or bones,
If you have emotions,  lows and highs, a heart, or lungs,
If sometimes you get sick, or need an immune system boost,
If you love scents, or if you are allergic to chemicals in regular perfume
Then essential oils are for you.
Everyone can benefit from essential oils

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Popular essential oils

Tea Tree Oil  

 Breathe (blend)
On Guard (blend) 
Wild Orange


  1. Sometimes you have seasonal allergies and the best way to get rid of them is by using natural alternative like essential oils.
    essential oils for headaches

  2. That is absolutely the case in my home.
    We need constant help for breathing, I run a diffuser next to every bed to help us breath and relax!

    Thank you for your visit!


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